ITV revenue Increase despite ad revenue decline

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ITV revenue Increase despite ad revenue decline ITV has reported a 2% revenue increase for 2017 despite a 5% fall in advertising which was worse than the previous year but in line with industry estimates. The UK’s biggest commercial broadcaster reported revenue at £3.13bn, up 2% year on year, which it said was driven by [...]

Students watching most of their programming on Laptops and Mobiles

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Student TV Viewing New figures show that more students are watching TV on laptops and mobile phones rather than sitting down in front of a TV set. Just 37% of students say they watch live programmes on a television at university, compared with 84% who watched on a TV set before they moved into halls [...]

Thinkbox 2016 TV Review

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Thinkbox The independent marketing body for TV, announced their review of 2016 The key facts from Thinkbox are as follows... -Seven years of growth for TV ad revenue in the UK as total TV ad revenue reached £5.28 billion in 2016, a modest increase that was hampered by Brexit -Online businesses now TV’s biggest spenders. [...]

Paralympic Games TV Advertising

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Paralympic Games TV Advertising After the exploits of athletes competing at the Rio Olympic Games this summer, attention now turns to their Paralympic counterparts as it is their turn to be in the spotlight of the world’s prying eyes. There have been some inspiring stories that have come out of the Olympics and with some equally [...]

Important Statistics for TV Advertisers

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TV Advertising Viewing Decline TV Advertising Viewing Decline Still Relevant ? There is a lot of skepticism around TV advertising due to the advance of modern technology therefore leading to a decline in television activity. With 27.9 million households owning a television in the UK, this still makes TV the most widely owned item of technology [...]

TV Celebrity Endorsements

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TV Celebrity Endorsements Endorsements of brands so as to make them desirable to consumers is what it’s all about for advertisers. Having a famous face part of advertising campaigns can be really beneficial to both the advertisers hoping to push the brand to bigger audiences and to the consumers who might be interested in supporting [...]

Can Advertising To Children Ever Be Considered Ethical?

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Can Advertising To Children Be Ethical? With the rise of technology, it is now known that children aged five to 16 spend an average of six and a half hours a day in front of a screen. It is therefore not surprising that these children are being bombarded with numerous advertisements. As children are incredibly impressionable, is [...]

Are These Ads Too Controversial For TV?

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Controversial TV Adverts Sometimes, there’s a fine line between an ad being acceptable and an ad being controversial and when British viewers decide that an ad isn’t to their prudish tastes, they do what they do best, they complain. For all the brilliant, heart-warming, engaging and universally praised ads, there are ones that court controversy [...]

The First TV Ads

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First Adverts On TV The first adverts on TV, in black & white were pushy promotions to high-definition inspirational stories, it is safe to say that television advertising has come a very long way since it was first created in 1941. Lets take a look at certain well-known brands first attempts at a television advert… Coca Cola [...]