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Sky Adsmart

Sky Adsmart is the newest offering to TV advertising. The platform allows different ads to be shown to different households simultaneously, allowing advertisers to advertise nationally, but only to their relevant audiences. This technology can be targeted down to postcode level

The Platform

Using information gleaned from Sky subscriptions and overlaid with third party data supplied by Experian, households are segmented into demographic profiles. These 90 mosaic profiles include 32 postcode or regional areas, as well as life stage and affluence. Advertisers own data can also be used to create custom segmentation for even greater specificity. With this level of targeting, it allows businesses of all sizes to target sometimes hard to reach audiences on as little as £3k. For example, if you are a mid 30’s, unmarried affluent man, you may expect to see ads for premium tech brands, or perhaps dating site, but not holiday packages for families with young children.

Ongoing updates

As this platform is relatively new, Sky Media are updating on a regular basis. In 2016 they added several new features:

Spending Habits

This information, provided by a third party, enables even more efficient access to niche groups, such as matching high earners with luxury products.

Relationship With Technology

Segmenting audiences based on their approach to buying and using new tech. Groups such as Innovators and Early Adopter are compared to those who use existing tech for longer periods, which will enable tech advertisers to target specific products to different kinds of users.

433 Local Authorities

Particularly relevant to those advertising regional schemes or services.

Benefits for TV advertisers?

Specific metropolitan areas are key to Adsmart campaigns, meaning you know exactly where your ad will be aired and to which exact audience before the ad goes out. Advertisers with a small budget can test this medium for as little as £3k. Cost per thousands are considerably higher than national advertising but used carefully this medium can be highly targeted and effective

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