Cost Of TV Advertising

When it comes to the Cost of TV Advertising, there are options for all budget ranges. With hundreds of commercial channels, regions, and executions to choose from, we build cost-effective campaigns to suit all needs – be it a large national advertiser across multiple channels, or a smaller regional campaign, we will find a solution to meet your needs.

TV airtime is mainly bought on a cost per thousand basis, set by the largest commercial broadcaster, ITV. Agencies then trade against this at various discounts. There are, however, a number of elements that affect this cost:

TV Regionality Broadcasters such as ITV, Channel 4 and Sky offer regional areas for smaller campaigns. Different regions have different associated cost per thousand i.e London is more expensive than Yorkshire

TV Seasonality – TV rates vary depending on the calendar month. For example, post-Christmas until February is a particularly low period, whilst April and May are on the more expensive side.

TV Time Of Day – there are several day parts with varying associated costs (eg, late peak is more expensive than daytime) as this is when most UK viewers are tuning in.

TV Spot Time Length CPTs are based on 30 seconds as standard, however other lengths are available and charged at a ratio

The Trading Audience – different audiences have differing costs

TV Targeting – TV can be bought on different audiences with specific channels. Tv Advertising Agency can pinpoint these audiences.

Demand – as with any market, commodity compels cost The variables involved are – Advertisers in the marketplace and viewing figures. Viewing on a daily basis can be affected by something as simple as the weather. If it rains viewership goes up if its sunny viewership goes down.

TV Channel Costs – each channel has a different costing structure. We have information on larger channels here. We have been buying TV space for over 40 years so have seen all of the seasonal, economic and market conditions that have existed in the market over the years.

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